Inside the tooth, under the protective layer of enamel and dentine is the nerve of the tooth – dental pulp. Endodontics deals with the complex anatomy, pathology and therapy of pulp tissue. Inflammation of the pulp can be caused by the penetration of caries bacteria into the tooth interior, trauma, deep fillings or overloading.

Root canal treatment is a good way to preserve a pulp diseased tooth permanently.

Modern techniques such as mechanical root canal preparation, endometry and laser disinfection allow for the successful treatment of complex root canal systems and contribute to the long-term success of root canal treatment.

Unfortunately, the use of these modern aids is beyond the scope of reimbursement by the statutory health insurance companies. Not every tooth may be treated at the expense of the health insurance company. It can therefore happen that you are faced with the choice of losing the tooth or having to bear the costs of a medically useful root canal treatment yourself. This circumstance also applies to the revision of old, infected root canal fillings.

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