Simple plaque or tartar can be easily removed as part of prophylaxis (link to prophylaxis) – professional tooth cleaning, or by using the Airflow® device.

If discolouration has penetrated into the enamel and into the dentine, the bleaching procedure is used, which gently whitens your teeth.

We offer two different types of tooth whitening in our dental practice.

In-Office bleaching is used for external tooth discolouration, which is usually caused by regular consumption of tea, coffee, red wine or tobacco. This type of bleaching is carried out in the dental practice and, depending on the degree of discoloration, several sessions of up to one hour are necessary.

Internal bleaching is used for internal tooth discolouration that develops over time after root canal treatment. With the internal bleaching technique, a single root canal treated tooth is bleached within one session.

Important to know! Only the natural tooth substance can be whitened. Tooth fillings, crowns and bridges cannot be changed in colour by bleaching.

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