Aesthetic Dentistry

Modern aesthetic dentistry offers many possibilities to make your teeth look natural and beautiful.

High-quality adhesive technology in combination with the development of durable tooth-coloured composite filling materials makes it possible to abandon unesthetic amalgam fillings completely. The removal of caries can be carried out in a minimally invasive way, with optimal protection of healthy tooth substance.

Tooth-coloured all-ceramic restorations are now replacing gold inlays and metal crowns/bridges. They are characterized by a perfect fit, a minimally invasive procedure and perfect natural aesthetics. Modern computer-made ceramic crowns impress with their accuracy of fit and perfect natural appearance.

Veneers – ceramic veneers, allow the minimally invasive optimisation of tooth shape and colour and help your teeth to look perfectly flawless. Veneers are made according to your wishes and are ideal for correcting small tooth misalignments, tooth shape anomalies and colour deviations.

Bleaching helps to achieve a vivid smile.  Teeth whitening is also possible with root canal treated teeth.

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