Your wish to preserve your own natural teeth into old age, you can achieve together with us. Regular prophylaxis prevents caries and periodontitis and thus avoids later damage and costs.

Tartar and plaque on the tooth surfaces represent an active biofilm on which microorganisms multiply. These lead to the development of caries, inflammation of the gums and damage to the periodontium. Unfortunately, regular tooth brushing does not reach all niches and interdental spaces, which is why we offer sensible prophylactic measures for adults and children in addition to dental care at home.

Professional tooth cleaning – PZR – forms the basis for dental prophylaxis. The treatment in the dental practice enables the removal of hard plaque and discolouration. It creates a healthy basis for oral hygiene at home. It is recommended to have professional teeth cleaning done twice a year.

Professional teeth cleaning is not covered by the statutory health insurance companies. Even in the case that periodontitis is diagnosed and periodontal therapy (link to periodontology) – gum treatment – paid for by the health insurance companies must be carried out, a pre-treatment in the form of PZR is absolutely necessary. For this pre-treatment you have to calculate with own costs.

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