Child Prophylaxis

We wish every child healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. You don’t need a secret recipe for this. Daily dental care, healthy nutrition and regular prophylaxis appointments are sufficient. The statutory health insurance companies will support you in this – children from the age of 6 until the age of 18 are entitled to dental prophylaxis services twice a year within the statutory health care system. There are no additional costs. Generally, private cost bearers also pay the full costs of prophylactic services for children. Take advantage of this offer to ensure that your children’s teeth remain healthy.

For children with a high risk of caries and who wear braces, professional tooth cleaning four times a year is recommended.

Fissure sealing – closing the furrows in the teeth, is also part of the prophylaxis programme, because even with thorough and intensive care it is not always possible to clean the fine grooves and furrows of the permanent molars.

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