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Oral health despite handicap and high age

A joint project of KZBV and BZÄK

The oral health of the elderly, those in need of care and people with disabilities is significantly worse than that of the rest of the population. Unfortunately, we can confirm this statement every day in practice. For this reason, we would like to make a contribution and ensure that people in care homes have equal and comprehensive access to dental care.

Together with you, we would like to pursue the goal of strengthening our joint cooperation and networking the professional groups involved in care.

People in need of care and people with disabilities are also entitled to cooperative and coordinated dental care. According to the Federal Statistical Office, over 2.6 million people in Germany were in need of care at the end of 2013. And the trend is rising!

We offer a regular visitation schedule without an event-related requirement within the scope of a cooperation agreement. Our aim is to reduce the number of complaints and to avoid the transportation of patients and hospital stays caused by dental treatment. We offer you an improvement and maintenance of oral health, including the oral and prosthetic hygiene standard and thus an improvement of the oral health-related quality of life.

In doing so, we want to avoid and/or detect diseases of the tooth, mouth and jaw area at an early stage. For this purpose, we offer timely treatments adapted to the life circumstances of the patients.

Our cooperation partners

Wilmersdorfer Seniorenstiftung “Hohensteiner Straße”
Wilmersdorfer Seniorenstiftung “Koenigsallee”
Seniorenstift St. Marien
Haus Spreetalhof Berlin – Altglienicke
Pro Seniore Residenz Kurfürstendamm
Alloheim Senioren-Residenz “Ullsteinstraße”
Residenz Ambiente – Berlin
Diakonie-Pflege Simeon gGmbH “Haus Elisabeth”
Agaplesion Residenz Havelgarten

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